With more than 60 years of experience 

in glass, we are proud to offer our 

knowledge and technology to any large 

or small projects with state-of-the-art 

equipment and high quality thin glass.


 ShapeYourGlass offers two types of extra thin glass in different thicknesses to fit your needs.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Falcon Glass

The Falcon Glass is a  premium  glass developed by AGC.

Thanks to its special composition, the Falcon Glass is  stronger than regular glass  (up to 5x more resistant than Sodalime glass).

It is especially the material of choice for thin coverglass in touch-enabled applications for example.

Last but not least, its optical performances (neutral color and high light and energy transmission) makes it the perfect solution for design and energy application. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Soda-lime glass

Soda-lime is the most prevalent type of glass across the industry.
It has high light transmission, and its qualities can be improved thank to our several surface treatments available.

On the contrary of the Falcon glass, sodalime glass has a light green tint, especially visible on the edges. 


Chemical strengthening   allows the thin glass to be highly hit-proof.


Edges have a clear aspect to prevent any changes in the render.


Our glass is scratch-resistant and does not become dull with time.


Significant weight reduction compared to traditional glass.


Endless customization possibilities, with a wide range of treatments.


True form freedom

Glass cutting is a complex process requiring innovative technologies.
Our laser-cut technique allows many possibilities in terms of shape whether straight or rounded.
Moreover, this step does not alter the resistance of the glass and provides high-quality straight edges finish.

High quality 90° angle

No need for grinding

High speed

Suitable for mass production

Free shape

Design freedom

High precision

Very high tolerance


We offer different types of surface treatments to fit your requirements


Creativity. Unleashed

Printing on glass is a technique offering endless decorative possibilities for many fields of applications, including home interior, automotive, electronic devices, etc...

We pay close attention to colors and make sure they meet your expectations in hue and opacity. Many colors are available, and different level of opacity can be obtained.

We can recreate materials like wood, marble...

The printing resists to the bonding techniques that are typical in the manufacturing industry, such as optical bonding.


Odoo • Image and Text

Co-designing service

Our multi-disciplinary team composed of designers and engineers is here to assist every step of your project.

We are able to create the required technical drawings, show you a variety of samples so you can have a better idea of the final render, and create the printing files with you as well. 

Do not hesitate to contact our team, we're here to help!

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