What is thin glass made for?

We use thin glass where traditional glass is not meaningful. Since their features and performance differ from their usage, thin glass makes sense where traditional glass can’t compete.     

How do you integrate thin glass in real life?                      

It is commonly used in electronics (smartphones, tablets, touch displays…) and transportation industry (mainly for interiors). However, the need for lightweight and optical performance in various fields makes thin glass more versatile and it, 
therefore, opens up wide ranges of applications.  

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Display features

PCs, laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, digital signage, interactive flat panel displays, protective screens...


Automotive interiors and exteriors, trains, aerospace...Lightweight windshields


Lightweight assemblies, smart surfaces, decorative products...


Micro slides for microscopy and other medical uses, covers...

Substrates for solar mirrors

Special mirrors for solar energy projects...

Creative industries

Picture framing, art printing, posters, adverts, maps, documents, awards...

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