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Display protection

Displays and HMI's are more and more present in our daily life.

Glass is the appropriate material to cover and protect the screen.
Surface treatements will enhance readibility and improve user experience.

Whether for digital signage, industrial touch systems, home automation or medical application, we have the right glass to protect your display.

Home device covers

More and more users want their home devices (switch, socket, home controller, etc.)  to fit their interior design. We offer a unique user experience through thin glass which provides endless customization possibilities (shapes, colors, surface effects, lighting patterns) and better tactile interactions.

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Consumer electronics

Nowadays, more and more consumer electornics are using displays.
Glass cover is used as the interface material between the user and equipment as home automation, white goods, audio controls, ...

Product Development

We offer high-quality prototypes for product development.
Our in-house design team will work along with you to define the best material and integration.
From the first prototype to the mass production, we will be your one-stop  shop for product development
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In the automotive industry, dashboard, and interactive screens are fairly important as they play a big part in the overall design of the car. We provide extra-thin glass with cold bending capacities (as pictured), fitting the curve of your design. In other types of transportation, our service can play a valuable part as well (planes, trucks, boats...).

Feelinglass service is dedicated for automotive developments.


Our printing capabilities are able to mimic any desired other material. You can make glass into wood, concrete, marble... And print any sort of pattern and colors. 
Our dedicated design team is here to help and even create your desired design for you.
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