Our fast prototyping service enables you to introduce a whole new range of thin glass applications into your daily life.

Why is it special ?

Custom design

Dimensions and treatments are up to you!

Light and strong

Chemically tempered
thin glass

Fast delivery

Under 3 weeks once we receive your confirmation

Who are we ?

ShapeYourGlass, a FeelInGlassĀ® service, is your new partner in fast thin glass prototyping service, situated at the crossroads of innovation, design and technology.

Because tailored glass is a specific process, this partnership offers personalization and innovation through an unlimited range of possibilities.

How does it work ?

How far we go ?

Covid protection

Counter protector for shops, companies or restaurants with opening at the bottom to exchange documents and goods.

Get your glass business cards

Give yourself the opportunity to build up your own glass business cards that ensures you stand out from the crowd.

Meet the team

Thomas Lambricht

Co-founder & CEO

Sylvain Drugman

Co-founder & CTO

Charlotte Jacob

UX Designer

Alexandre Thissen

Co-founder & CIO

Quentin Anne De Molina

Prototype Coordinator

Andrea Dos Santos


Laurent Vandievoet

Co-founder & CAD expert

Jeya Siva


Florent Delsaux

Glass Surfaces Technician