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Product development

We offer high-quality prototypes for industrial product development.
Our in-house design team will work along with you to define the best material and integration.

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Display protection

Thin and resistant glass is used for professional applications as protection cover of a display.
Thanks to its durability, glass is the adapted solution for HMI display cover in various applications: industrial control panels, medical touch systems, transportation, ...

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Electronic Device

Nowadays, more and more consumer electornics are using displays.
Glass cover is used as the interface material between the user and equipment as home automation, white goods, audio controls, ...

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Home device cover

More and more users want their home devices (switch, socket, home controller, etc.)  to fit their interior design.
Thin glass provides large customization possibilities and better tactile interactions.


Develop quickly your product by getting the glass prototypes in under 2 weeks 


Whether you need 1 piece or hundreds, we have the facilities to match your needs

The strength of the group

Being part of AGC, we benefit from decades of knowledge and high-tech equipment

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Your thin glass expert

We help you reach your product goals and deadline by offering a high-quality thin glass display protection.

Produced and processed in Belgium, our engineers and designers team ensures your vision becomes your reality. 

A project ?


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Belonging to AGC Group

AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the building industry, the automotive industry and other sectors (transport, solar power and high-tech).

ShapeYourGlass gathers the knowledge from the different AGC plants throughout Belgium to harness to best of technology and offer a high quality glass prototyping service.

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