Surface Treatments

Chemical Strengthening

Chemical strengthening, via ion exchange, is commonly used to reinforce ultrathin glass for high-tech applications. This process tremendously improves the mechanical strength and the scratch resistance of the glass and then offers new possibilities for applications such as curved displays e.d for automotive, interior building, or other device applications.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Anti-Glare treatment

Glare is the negative sensation produced by too much reflection in the visual field. As a result, glare causes reduced visibility (less contrast e.g.).

This treatment is designed to reduce the negative effects of the incident light, by diffusing the reflections. This gives anti-glare performances while offering optimum contrast and faithful color rendering with a controlled amount of halo.

This treatment improves the touch feeling of the glass (paper-like or cotton-like depending on the treatment).

Matte (Falcon) Satin (Falcon) LST (Soda-lime)
Glare reduction ++ +                                    ++
Light diffusion ++ + +
High-resolution preservation ++ ++ ++
Aspect Skin Sheen Skin
Touch feeling
Soft touch
Silk touch 
(glazed paper-like)
Soft touch

Anti-Reflective treatment

Anti-reflective is an optical coating that reduces reflection and increases light transmission. As a result, it provides better transparency and view through glass. It is typically recommended when there is a great difference in brightness on one or both sides of the glass (such as displays, windows, facades...)

If you add our anti-reflective to our anti-glare treatment, you will improve the optical performance towards zero reflection (except soda-lime).

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Anti-fingerprint treatment

Anti-finger print is a treatment based on the combination of oleophobic and hydrophobic materials. It means that it is repellent to water and grease/ Its special feature allows the glass to be easily cleaned without changing the appearance of its surface while giving a uniform aspect. This also provides better optical properties and a real softness in touch feeling.

Digital printing

Printing on glass is a technique offering endless decorative possibilities for many fields of applications, including home interior, automotive, electronic devices, etc...

We pay close attention to colors and make sure they meet your expectations in hue and opacity. Many colors are available, and different level of opacity can be obtained.
We can recreate materials or use metal inks. 

The printing resists to the bonding techniques that are typical in the manufacturing industry, such as optical bonding. 

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We are here to advise you on every step of the process and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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