ShapeYourGlass is a flat and thin
ultra-resistant glass on demand prototyping and manufacturing service.

Thin glass cutting and finishing for prototyping

ShapeYourGlass provides a fast thin glass prototyping service, targeted to industrialsmakers,  designers, and artists

We can be used in a wide range of applications, from display covers to protections, object components, accessories, decoration, signs, framing, lighting...

To start getting your prototype, select your glass type, thickness, and treatment. Next, upload your design, or ask our design team for help

With no minimum order size, you can order as few or as many prototypes as you like, without compromises on quality.

Precise cutting

Our laser cutting technology allows greater freedom of shape than traditional cutting techniques. It provides a clean straight edge, with a precision of 0.03mm.

Wide Range of Finishes

From the diversity of glass types and thicknesses to effects and coatings, our expertise enables you to realize your project as close to your vision as possible.

Fast Prototyping

We ensure reactivity and short lead time to deliver your prototypes in 2 weeks. All our supply chain is based in Belgium, ensuring a fast processing time.

Selected work

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