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About us

ShapeYourGlass is a company part of the AGC, a worldwide glass manufacturing group.

We are based in the Technovation Centre in Charleroi, Belgium. All of our production and manufacturing is based in Belgium to ensure a close relationship between factories and our offices, therefore ensuring the best quality of our products. Started an internal service for AGC Glass Europe, ShapeYourGlass is now available to anyone thanks to its online platform and dedicated team.

We offer a fast service of thin glass prototyping and production to industrials and designers.

After realizing thin glass is really difficult to get in small quantities in Europe, in the glass industry as well as for other industrials, we decided to put our technology and knowledge accessible to many, ensuring the quality of products and prototypes. We take pride in our very local supply chain, ensuring the control of every part of the process and ensure a very short lead time. Thanks to the backing of AGC Europe, we want to empower creators and industrials with high quality, state of the art and personalizable products, to push the boundaries of creation always further.



Sylvain Drugman


           Quentin Anne            de Molina

       Prototype Coordinator

Dylan Alsellem

                    New Business                     Developer

Mathilde Vasseur


Charlotte Jacob


César Colombo